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Accessory are rings or necklaces. Both can have extra stats and stat bonuses. They are sold by accessory traders.



Abandon Mine Haven

  • Pucan, sells rings for lv 15-20

Andes Forest Haven

  • Rikka, sells rings for lv 30-35

Valhalla Haven

Chaldea Haven

  • Aii, sells rings for lv 55-60

Magical Ocean[]

Babul Haven

  • Allan, sells necklaces for lv 15-30

Deep Blue[]

Icespire Haven

  • Dunman, sells necklaces for lv 35-50

Table Overview Necklaces & Rings[]

Class Level Sort Name Stats Character
All 15 Neck Ebony Wreath SPRecovB+1 All
All 15 Neck Moonlight Necklace MaxSPB+24 All
All 15 Neck Emerald Amulet HPRecovB+4 All
All 15 Neck Necklace of Vitality MaxHPB+24 All
All 15 Ring Brass Ring DefB+3 All
All 15 Ring Bright Silver Ring DodgeRB+1 All
All 15 Ring Fine Steel Ring HitrateB+1 All
All 15 Ring Gold Ring MinAttB+7, MaxAttB+7 All
All 15 Ring Ruby Encrusted Ring CritHitrateB+2 All
All 20 Neck Baptismal Necklace MaxSPB+32 All
All 20 Neck Hunter Charm SPRecovB+2 All
All 20 Neck Mercenary Necklace PhysResB+1 All
All 20 Neck Officer Necklace HPRecovB+5 All
All 20 Neck Vaudeville Necklace MaxHPB+30 All
All 20 Ring Animal Tusk Ring MinAttB+9, MaxAttB+9 All
All 20 Ring Antler Ring DefB+4 All
All 20 Ring Hunter Ring HitrateB+2 All
All 20 Ring Mystic Flower Ring CritHitrateB+3 All
All 20 Ring Squid Ring DodgeRateB+2 All
All 25 Neck Jade Ring HPRecovB+6 All
All 25 Neck Necklace of Dusk MaxSPB+39 All
All 25 Neck Necklace of Exorcism SPRecovB+3 All
All 25 Neck Necklace of the Roaring Wind MaxHPB+37 All
All 25 Ring Reinforced Ring DefB+5 All
All 30 Neck Emperor Necklace HPRecovB+7 All
All 30 Neck Heavenly Ring SPRecovB+7 All
All 30 Neck Hero Necklace PhysResB+2 All
All 30 Neck Light of the Holy Priest MaxSPB+47 All
All 30 Neck Soul Necklace MaxHPB+43 All
All 30 Ring Feathers of Paradise Bird DodgeRateB+4 All
All 30 Ring Hoof of Nimble Deer HitrateB+4 All
All 30 Ring Huge Bear Footprint DefB+6 All
All 30 Ring Mystic Stone CritHitrate+5 All
All 30 Ring Tooth of Ferocity MinAttB+13, MaxAttB+13 All
All 35 Necklace Elegant Necklace MaxHPB+49 All
All 35 Necklace Wood Necklace MaxSPB+54 All
All 35 Necklace Outlander Necklace HPrecovB+8 All
All 35 Necklace Academic Charm SPRecovB+5 All
All 35 Ring Barbaric Ring MinAttB+14, MaxAttB+14 All
All 35 Ring Cavalier Ring DefB+7 All
All 35 Ring Cavalry Ring DodgeRateB+5 All
All 35 Ring Sacrificial Ring CritHitrateB+5 All
All 35 Ring Shooter's Ring HitrateB+5 All
All 40 Necklace Ashen Gem MaxHPB+75 All
All 40 Necklace Mark of the Dragon MaxSPB+62 All
All 40 Necklace Hope of Life HPRecovB+9 All
All 40 Necklace Symbolic Necklace SPRecovB+6 All
All 40 Necklace Red Nit Gem PhysResB+3 All
All 40 Ring Counterattack Ring DefB+8 All
All 40 Ring Crusader Ring MinAttB+15, MaxAttB+15 All
All 40 Ring Guerilla Warfare Ring DodgeRateB+6 All
All 40 Ring Ring of Advancement CritHitrateB+7 All
All 40 Ring Sniper Ring HitrateB+6 All
All 45 Necklace Necklace of Shooting Star MaxHPB+84 All
All 45 Necklace Necklace of Speed MaxSPB+69 All
All 45 Necklace Storm Necklace HPRecovB+10 All
All 45 Necklace Charm of Encounter SPRecovB+7 All
All 50 Necklace Burning Vitality MaxHPB+93 All
All 50 Necklace Warm Wind of Spring MaxHPB+77 All
All 50 Necklace Autumn Night Glimmer HPRecovB+11 All
All 50 Necklace Wintery Blizzard SPRecovB+8 All
All 50 Necklace Force of Four Seasons PhysResB+4 All