How to get started[edit | edit source]

When you have at least 1 Life Skill Point, you can learn Analyze. It is required to have a skill in Salvage first.
The Life skill book Analyze can be bought from the Grocer.

How to analyze[edit | edit source]

What do you need[edit | edit source]

For analyzing you need:

  • Catalyst
  • Item to analyze
  • Fairy

With analyzing weapons or equipment will be broken down to the original material. You need the correct catalyst to do so. Addition of different catalysts can give different effects. Catalyst is obtained from the Item Mall.

Substance Analyzation Tool Location[edit | edit source]

You need the Substance Analyzation Tool to analyze. It is located in Icicle City(Deep Blue) at location 1343,566.

Analyzation[edit | edit source]

To start analyzing, talk to the Substance Analyzation Tool. The following screen will appear:

Analyze1.jpg and filled in: <insert image>

During the process, a 5-digit number is displayed at the left side. When the number on the right side of the dispayed is lower than this number, you analyzation is successfull. When it failes you will loose your items and catalyst. Your fairy however is unharmed.

The Substance Analyzation Tool is located in Icicle City(Deep Blue) at location ... 1343,566.

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