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The area of Ascaron consists of a large continent and some scattered isles, the most distinguished are the two military and merchant cities that have relatively high technologies. However, during the process of their development, the nature resources dried out and become simplified. The situation didn’t improve until rich resources were found in the Deep Blue area. The information above originates from the public http://www.talesofpirates.com web site and has been displayed here unaltered. Copyright is held by IGG (Skyunion Co., Ltd.)

The Continent[]


Ascaron harbors the following cities and havens:

  • 1) Argent City (2241, 2825)
  • 2) Abandon Mine Haven (1906,2804) (with crystal & abandomed mines)
  • 3) Rockery Haven (1517,3091)
  • 4) Andes Forest Haven {1008,2969)
  • 5) Valhalla Haven (1120,2773)
  • 6) Solace Haven (535,2433)
  • 7) Sanctuary Maze
  • 8) Chaldea Haven (630,3093)
  • 9) Thundoria Castle (743,1586)
  • 10) Lone Tower
  • 11) Thundoria Harbour (1056,1324)
  • 12) Demonic World Portal (910,1069)

Monster Locations[]

Argent City & Abandom Mine Haven surroundings[]

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Ascaron part1.jpg

Rockery Haven & Northern surroundings[]

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Ascaron part2.jpg

Andes Forest Haven & Valhalla Haven surroundings[]

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Ascaron part3.jpg