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Armor dropsEdit

Armor that is dropped by monster have better stats most of the time than the same armor that is store-bought. Not only the 'normal' armor has better stats, monsters sometimes also drop armor with "precise", " colossus", "mammoth" which has better stats as well.
So, what monsters drop which armor?

Table overviewEdit

Class Level Sort Name Stats Character
Chain Mail 40 Body Chain Mail Def+25(/+28), PhysRes+16 Car
Chain Greaves 40 Feet Chain Greaves Def+16, Dodge+16 Car
Chain Gauntlets 40 Hands Chain Gauntlets Def+16, HitRate+37 Car
Strong Platemail 45 Body Strong Platemail Def+26(/+27/+30), PhysRes+18 Car
Strong Greaves 45 Feet Strong Greaves Def+17, Dodge+18 Car
Strong Gauntlets 45 Hands Strong Gauntlets Def+17, HitRate+41 Car
Savage Bull Tattoo 50 Body Savage Bull Tattoo Def+26,PhysRes+20 Car
Raging Bull Tattoo 55 Body Raging Bull Tattoo Def+28,PhysRes+22 Car
Primal Tattoo 60 Body Primal Tattoo Def+30,PhysRes+24 Car
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