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Weapons dropsEdit

Weapons that are dropped by monster have better stats most of the time than the same armor that is store-bought. Not only the 'normal' weapons has better stats, monsters sometimes also drop armor with "precise", " colossus", "mammoth", "tempest" and "sage" which has better stats as well. The "Silver Dragon" stat drops very rarely.
So, what monster drops which weapon?

Table overviewEdit

Class Level Name Stats Character Sort
Criss Sword 40 Criss Sword 161/219 - 173/236 Car 2HSwords
Protector Sword 40 Protector Sword 142/200, HP+151 Car 2HSwords
Righteous Sword 40 Righteous Sword 142/200, Def+8 Car 2HSwords
Enhanced Rebel Sword 45 Enhanced Rebel Sword 161/227, HP+169 Car 2HSwords
Common Rebel Sword 45 Common Rebel Sword 161/227 - 165/232 Car 2HSwords
Rebel Sword 45 Rebel Sword 182/248 Car 2H Swords
Cavalier Saber 50 Cavalier Saber 180/252, DefB+10 Car 2HSwords
Invader Sword 50 Invader Sword 180/252, MaxHPB+186 Car 2HSwords
Paladin Sword 50 Paladin Sword 203/275 Car 2HSwords
Rustle Sword 55 Rustle Sword 197,278, HP+204 Car 2HSwords
Charging Sword 55 Charging Sword 223/303 Car 2HSwords
Fiery Sword Of Darkan 55 Fiery Sword Of Darkan 197/276, Def+11 Car 2HSwords
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