How to learnEdit

For cooking a level in Fishing is required.
When you have at least 1 Life Skill Point, you can learn Cooking.
The Life skill book Cooking can be bought from the Grocer.

How to cook Edit

What do you needEdit

For cooking you need:

Matchstick Fire LocationsEdit

You need a Matchstick fire to cook the food on. The fire is accompanied by Matchstick Granny.
They can be found on the following locations:

  • Ascaron: Near Argent city at 2066,2735
  • Mystical Ocean: Shaitan City at 905,3563
  • Deep Blue: Icicle Castle at 1363,563

Cooking itselfEdit

To start cooking, talk to the Matchstick fire. The following screen will appear:

Cooking1 and filled in: Cooking2

Place the necessary items on the appropriate places and press 'start'.
You need to press 'stop' when the bar hits around 75% (green). At this point the fire will have the optimal temperature for cooking. If you press 'stop' too soon or too late, your cooking will fail. You will loose the ingredients and the Fairy coin.

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