How to learn[edit | edit source]

For crafting a level in Mining is required.
When you have at least 1 Life Skill Point, you can learn Crafting.
The Life skill book Crafting can be bought from the Grocer.

How to start[edit | edit source]

What do you need :[edit | edit source]

For crafting you need:

A list of available crafting blueprints can be found here.
Interested how profitable Crafting can be? Check the crafting profit list here

Crafting itself[edit | edit source]

The Big Furnace needed for crafting is located in Thundoria Castle (Ascaron) at location {757,1472) When you talk to it, it will display the following:


Place the appropriate items in the right place and press 'start'. When the dice are rolling you need to guess the outcome: small or big. When guessed correctly you will craft the item.

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