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Tales of Pirates have released 3 mazes for the players to explore these are: Forsaken City(only level 30-45) Dark Swamp(only level 40-55) and Demonic World(only level 50+). Each maze opens every 3 hours and the entrance will be open only for 1 hour. Everytime the mazes are opened the system announces them and tells the coordinates. Players who wish to enter must reach the coordinates. Once inside Demonic World it is dangerous not only because of the monsters level 50 onwards but also because it is a PvP area and there are only 4 safe zones in the whole map. You can stay for 120 minutes inside before the system throws you out appearing in your record spawn points. If you die, disconnect or log out you will be thrown out of the map too. It is recommended before to go to have good items, a good level(60+) and if you don`t have any of this at least a good party.

Entering Demonic WorldEdit

Appears at Ascaron (910,1069). Directly north and west of Thundoria navy habor. (is on land)


Equipment found in the demonic world that is sealed, can be unsealed by the Demonic World Researcher in Shaitan city. Also level 50 and level 60 chests can be found inside in Demonic World 1 and Demonic World 2

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