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Explorer & Character Specific Armor[]

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Armor drops[]

Armor that is dropped by monster have better stats most of the time than the same armor that is store-bought. Not only the 'normal' armor has better stats, monsters sometimes also drop armor with "precise", " colossus", "mammoth", "tempest" and "sage" which has better stats as well.
So, what monster drops which armor?

  • LV 10 (No costume,muffs and shoes)
  • LV 15 rooroo costume - Elk , rooroo shoes - Horned Penguin (No muffs)
  • LV 20 racoon costume - Rookie Boxeroo , racoon shoes - Owlie (No muffs)
  • LV 25 playful racoon costume - Polar Bear (No shoes and muffs)
  • LV 30 crabby shoes - Armored Crab (No costume and muffs)
  • LV 35 (No costume,shoes and muffs)

Table overview AMI[]

Class Level Sort Name Stats Character
Mousey Costume.jpg 10 Body Mousey Costume Def+4, PhysRes+4, SPRecovB+10% Ami
Mousey Shoes.jpg 10 Feet Mousey Shoes Dodge+10 Ami
Mousey Muffs.jpg 10 Hands Mousey Muffs Def+3, Hitrate+7, SPRecovB+1 Ami
Rooroo Costume.jpg 15 Body Rooroo Costume Def+6, PhysRes+6, SPRecovB+12% Ami
Rooroo Shoes.jpg 15 Feet Rooroo Shoes Dodge+16 Ami
Rooroo Muffs.jpg 15 Hands Rooroo Muffs Def+5, Hitrate+17, SPRecovB+1 Ami
Racoon Costume.jpg 20 Body Racoon Costume Def+8, PhysRes+8, SPRecovB+14% Ami
Racoon Shoes.jpg 20 Feet Racoon Shoes Dodge+21 Ami
Racoon Muffs.jpg 20 Hands Racoon Muffs Def+6, Hitrate+21, SPRecovB+2 Ami
Playful Racoon Costume.jpg 25 Body Playful Racoon Costume Def+10(+11), PhysRes+10, SPRecovB+17% Ami
Playful Racoon Shoes.jpg 25 Feet Playful Racoon Shoes Dodge+27 Ami
Playful Racoon Muffs.jpg 25 Hands Playful Racoon Muffs Def+8, Hitrate+25, SPRecovB+2 Ami
Crabby Costume.jpg 30 Body Crabby Costume Def+12, PhysRes+12, SPRecovB+19% Ami
Crabby Shoes.jpg 30 Feet Crabby Shoes Dodge+32 Ami
Crabby Gloves.jpg 30 Hands Crabby Gloves Def+9, Hitrate+25, SPRecovB+3 Ami
Big Crab Costume.jpg 35 Body Big Crab Costume Def+14(+15), PhysRes+14, SPRecovB+21% Ami
Big Crab Shoes.jpg 35 Feet Big Crab Shoes Dodge+38 Ami
Big Crab Muffs.jpg 35 Hands Big Crab Muffs Def+11(+13), Hitrate+33, SPRecovB+3 Ami

Table overview LANCE & PHYLLIS[]

Class Level Sort Name Stats Character
Cloth Shirt.jpg 10 Body Cloth Shirt Def+4, PhysRes+4, SPrecovB+10% Lan, Phy
Cloth Boots.jpg 10 Feet Cloth Boots Def+3(/+5), Dodge+10(/+11) Lan, Phy
Cloth Gloves.jpg 10 Hands Cloth Gloves Def+3(/+7), HitRate+7(+9), SPRecov+1 Lan, Phy
Tough Vest.jpg 15 Body Tough Vest Def+6, PhysRes+6, SPrecovB+12% Lan, Phy
Tough Boots.jpg 15 Feet Tough Boots Def+4, Dodge+16 Lan, Phy
Tough Gloves.jpg 15 Hands Tough Gloves Def+5, HitRate+17, SPRecov+1 Lan, Phy
Adventure Vest.jpg 20 Body Adventure Vest Def+8,PhysRes+8, SPrecovB+14% Lan, Phy
Adventure Boots.jpg 20 Feet Adventure Boots Def+6, Dodge+21 Lan, Phy
Adventure Gloves.jpg 20 Hands Adventure Gloves Def+6, HitRate+21, SPRecovB+2 Lan, Phy
Explorer Vest.jpg 25 Body Explorer Vest def+11, PhysRes+10, SP RecRate:+17% Lan, Phy
Explorer Boots.jpg 25 Feet Explorer Boots Def+7, Dodge+27 Lan, Phy
Explorer Gloves.jpg 25 Hands Explorer Gloves Def+8, HitRate+25, SPrecovB+2 Lan, Phy
Oarsman Vest.jpg 30 Body Oarsman Vest Def+12, PhysRes+12, SPRecovB+19% Lan, Phy
Oarsman Boots.jpg 30 Feet Oarsman Boots Def+9, Dodge+32 Lan, Phy
Oarsman Gloves.jpg 30 Hands Oarsman Gloves Def+9, HitRate+29, SPrecovB+3 Lan, Phy
Helmsman Vest.jpg 35 Body Helmsman Vest Def+14, PhysRes+14, SPRecovB+21% Lan, Phy
Helmsman Boots.jpg 35 Feet Helmsman Boots Def+10, Dodge+38 Lan, Phy
Helmsman Gloves.jpg 35 Hands Helmsman Gloves Def+11, HitRate+33, SPrecovB+3 Lan, Phy