Class & Character Specific Weapons & ShieldsEdit

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Weapons dropsEdit

Weapons that are dropped by monster have better stats most of the time than the same armor that is store-bought. Not only the 'normal' weapons has better stats, monsters sometimes also drop armor with "precise", " colossus", "mammoth", "tempest" and "sage" which has better stats as well. The "Silver Dragon" stat drops very rarely.
So, what monster drops which weapon?

Table overviewEdit

Class Level Name Stats Character Sort
Dagger 10 Dagger 46/58, SP+5% Ami, Lan, Phy Daggers
Thesis Dagger 10 Thesis Dagger 46/58, MOV+2% Ami, Lan, Phy Daggers
Small Dagger 10 Small Dagger 46/58, SPI+1 Ami, Lan, Phy Daggers
Sharp Dagger 15 Sharp Dagger 65/81, SP+5% Ami, Lan, Phy Daggers
Piercing Dagger 15 Piercing Dagger 65/81, SP+1 Ami, Lan, Phy Daggers
Sharp Blade 15 Sharp Blade 65/81, MOV+2% Ami, Lan, Phy Swords
Bandit Spike 20 Bandit Spike 84/104, MovRate+2% Ami, Lan, Phy Swords
Kris 20 Kris 84/104 - 87/108 - 93/112, SP+6% Ami, Lan, Phy Swords
Impact Spike 20 Impact Spike 84/104, SPI+2 Ami, Lan, Phy Swords
Guerrilla Dagger 25 Guerrilla Dagger 102/126, SPI+2 Ami, Lan, Phy Daggers
Light Dagger 25 Light Dagger 102/126, MovRate+2% Ami, Lan, Phy Daggers
Swift Kris 25 Swift Kris 102/126, SP+6% Ami, Lan, Phy Swords
Dagger Of Haste 30 Dagger Of Haste 119/147, MOV+2% Ami, Lan, Phy Trident
Dagger Of Ripple 30 Dagger Of Ripple 119/147, SPI+3% Ami, Lan, Phy Trident
Trident 30 Trident 119/147, SP+6% Ami, Lan, Phy Trident
Pointed Kris 35 Pointed Kris 136/168, SP+6% Ami, Lan, Phy Swords
Sword Of Ripple 35 Sword Of Ripple 136/168, SPI+3 Ami, Lan, Phy Swords
Refined Dagger 35 Refined Dagger 136/168, MovB+2% Ami, Lan, Phy Trident
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