Argent City: Jimberry (2230,2730)
Thundoria Castle: Kudu (724,1551)

Magical OceanEdit

Shaitan City: Amos (839,3585)

Deep BlueEdit

Icicle Castle: Palpin (1356,458)

For SaleEdit

Class SkillsEdit

Jimberry (Ascaron): selling skills for Swordsman, Crusader and Champion
Amos (Magical ocean): selling skills for Herbalist, Cleric and Seal Master
Palpin (Deep Blue): selling skills for Hunter and Sharpshooter

Life SkillsEdit

All grocers in the 3 main cities sell all life skills except Repair. This can only be bought at the grocer in Ascaron.


The following items are sold by grocers in the 3 main cities:

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