Harbor operators allow you to board your vessel or repair, refuel or salvage it.
If you do not have a ship yet, you can purchase it at the Builder.

Obscure Harbor Operators allow you to board your vessel when you docked in a harbor (eg Dark Swamp), died and have no way to return there.



  • Argent City: Shirley at (2244,2826)
  • Thundoria Harbour: Lt. Wayne at (1057,1324)
  • Zephyr Isle: at (2300,1123)
  • Glacier Isle: Noel at (2299,1122)
  • Outlaw Isle: Lucci at (3619,743)
  • Canary Isle: Tomas at (1744,3774)
  • Cupid Isle: Xad at (2528,2393)
  • Isle of Fortune: Hux at (1642,1985)
  • Albania Haven: Daruka at (1502,1707)
  • Hafta Haven: Whitcombe at (2048,1354)

Magical OceanEdit

  • Woody Haven:
  • Isle of Chill: Paul at (2372,737)
  • Lahu Haven (3499, 925) (just refueling and repairs)

Deep BlueEdit

  • Icicle Castle: Silion at (1214,682)


  • Treasure Gulf:Catchy at (632,927)
  • Treasure Gulf:Penny at (658,993)
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