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Armor dropsEdit

Armor that is dropped by monster have better stats most of the time than the same armor that is store-bought. Not only the 'normal' armor has better stats, monsters sometimes also drop armor with "precise", " colossus", "mammoth", "tempest" and "Sage" which has better stats as well.
So, what monster drops which armor?

Table overview AMIEdit

Class Level Sort Name Stats Character
Goaty Costume 10 Body Goaty Costume Def+4, PhyRes+2, SPRecovB+10% Ami
Goaty Shoes 10 Feet Goaty Shoes Dodge+4 Ami
Goaty Muffs 10 Hands Goaty Muffs Def+3, Hitrate+7, SPRecovB+1 Ami
Sheepy Costume 15 Body Sheepy Costume Def+6, PhyRes+4, SPRecovB+12% Ami
Sheepy Shoes 15 Feet Sheepy Shoes Dodge+6 Ami
Sheepy Muffs 15 Hands Sheepy Muffs Def+5, Hitrate+17, SPRecovB+1 Ami
Kitty Costume 20 Body Kitty Costume Def+8, PhyRes+5, SPRecovB+14% Ami
Kitty Shoes 20 Feet Kitty Shoes Dodge+8 Ami
Kitty Muffs 20 Hands Kitty Muffs Def+6, Hitrate+21, SPRecovB+2 Ami
Meowy Costume 25 Body Meowy Costume Def+10, PhyRes+6, SPRecovB+17% Ami
Meowy Shoes 25 Feet Meowy Shoes Dodge+10 Ami
Meowy Muffs 25 Hands Meowy Muffs Def+8, Hitrate+25,SPRecovB+2 Ami
Night Owl Costume 30 Body Night Owl Costume Def+12, PhyRes+8, SPRecovB+19% Ami
Night Owl Shoes 30 Feet Night Owl Shoes Dodge+12 Ami
Night Owl Muffs 30 Hands Night Owl Muffs Def+9(/+14), HitRate+29(/+31), SPRecovB+3 Ami
Owl Costume 35 Body Owl Costume Def+14(/+17), PhysRes+9, SPRecRate+21% Ami
Owl Shoes 35 Feet Owl Shoes Dodge+14 Ami
Owl Muffs 35 Hands Owl Muffs Def+11, HitRate+33, SPRecovB+3 Ami

Table overview PhyllisEdit

Class Level Sort Name Stats Character
Medic Robe 10 Body Medic Robe Def+4 (+5), PhysRes+2, SPrecovB+10% Phy
Medic Boots 10 Feet Medic Boots Def+4, Dodge+4 Phy
Medic Gloves 10 Hands Medic Gloves Def+3, Hitrate+7, SPRecovB+1 Phy
Attendant Robe 15 Body Attendant Robe Def+6, PhysRes+4, SPrecovB+12% Phy
Attendant Boots 15 Feet Attendant Boots Def+6, Dodge+6 Phy
Attendant Gloves 15 Hands Attendant Gloves Def+5, Hitrate+17, SPRecovB+1 Phy
Foster Robe 20 Body Foster Robe Def+8, PhysRes+5, SPrecovB+14% Phy
Foster Boots 20 Feet Foster Boots Def+8, Dodge+8 Phy
Foster Gloves 20 Hands Foster Gloves Def+6, Hitrate+21, SPRecovB+2 Phy
Scholar Robe 25 Body Scholar Robe Def+10(+11), PhysRes+6, SPRecRate+17% Phy
Scholar Boots 25 Feet Scholar Boots Def+10 Dodge+10 Phy
Scholar Gloves 25 Hands Scholar Gloves Def+8, Hitrate+25, SPRecovB+2 Phy
Nurse Robe 30 Body Nurse Robe Def+12(+13), PhysRes+8, SPRecRate+19% Phy
Nurse Boots 30 Feet Nurse Boots Def+12, Dod+12 Phy
Nurse Gloves 30 Hands Nurse Gloves Def+9, HitRate+29, SP RecovB+3 Phy
Emergency Robe 35 Body Emergency Robe Def+14, PhysRes+9, SPRecRate+21% Phy
Emergency Boots 35 Feet Emergency Boots Def+14, Dod+14 Phy
Emergency Gloves 35 Hands Emergency Gloves Def+11, Hitrate+33, SPRecovB+3 Phy
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