A quest that have a big amount of exp that can level you up faster. Starts in 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM EST and 22:00 PM - 00:00 pm EST, every Saturday. (11:00AM to 0:00PM GMT -4 and .......................)

The QuestEdit

1st QuestTake quest from Wowo in Shaitan, then deliver a letter to Shaitan Chairman Guile at (874, 3545).

2nd QuestTake quest from Guile, then go to Argent and bring Nurse Gina a Super Candy Stick.

3rd QuestTake quest from Gina, and then kill 20 Grassland Elks(if you are lower than lvl 40) or 20 Pumpkin Knights(if you are lvl 40 or higher)

4th QuestTake quest from Gina again, and bring Greg at Abandon Mine Haven (1885, 2805) 3 Wood, 3 Iron Ore and 3 Sashimi

5th QuestTake quest from Greg, bring 5 Elven Signet to Forbei in Argent.

6th QuestTake quest from Forbei, and party up according to the requirement and find Ray at (1367, 570), Icicle Castle.

Items You Need:Edit

x1 Super Candy Stick

x3 Iron Ores

x3 Woods

x3 Sashimis

x5 Elven Signets

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