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Land Beasts are creatures which a player will only encounter while exploring the areas which are based on land.

Here are some creatures which are land based.
The table below shows per level each monster. This may be of help when levelling.
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Level Land Beast
# Ascaron Magical Ocean Deep Blue
1 Mystic Shrub
Dry Mystic Shrub
Snowy Mystic Shrub
2 Sleepy Snail
- Snow Squirt
3 Forest Spirit
Little Squirt
Baby Scorpion
4 Mystic Flower
Snow Squidy
5 Mini Bee
Little Squidy
Little Squidy Captain
- -
6 Greedy Shroom
Humpy Camel
Snowy Piglet
7 Grass Tortoise
- Little Deer
Strong Little Deer
8 Sea Snail
Cuddly Lamb
Big Scorpion
9 Bubble Clam
Marsh Spirit
- Little White Deer
10 Piglet
Hopping Lizard
Aberrance Hopping Lizard
Sailor Penguin
11 - Wolf Cub
12 Bear Cub
- -
13 Oyster
- Sharp Beak
14 Whacky Lamb
Killer Cactus
Vampiric Elk
15 Armored Crab Lv15
Gigantic Melon
Horned Penguin
Sailor Squirt
16 Sentry Crab
- Snowy Bat
Sailor Squidy
17 Angelic Panda
Phantom Tree
Snowy Shroom
18 - - -
19 Killer Shroom
- Snowy Snail
Snowy Snail Monarch
20 Barbaric Bee
Armored King Crab
Sand Brigand
Starving Wolf
21 Owlie
Sandy Tortoise
Ancient Sandy Tortoise
Naive Snow Doll
22 Hard Crust Snail Sand Bandit
Snowy Bear Cub
23 Tusk Battle Boar
Violent Air Porky
Sandy Shroom
Snow Lady
24 - Mudman
Snowy Wolf
25 Meadow Deer
Bandit Leader Adder
Sand Raider War Tortoise
26 Stramonium
Feral Wolf
Fallen Naiad
Armored Crab Lv26
27 Rookie Boxeroo Man Eating Spider
Man-Eating Spider Queen
Northern Snail
28 Mature Grass Tortoise Sand Bandit Leader Garet
Snow Spirit
29 - Cavalier Fragile Snow Doll
30 Mad Boar
Berserk Mad Boar
Jack the Pirate's Sailor
Lizard King
Jack the Pirate's Sailor
Captain Finkle
Combat Piglet
31 Grassland Elk
Vampire Bat
- Yeti
32 White Owlie
33 Grassland Wolf
Grassland Wolf Champion
34 Berserk Boxeroo - Playful Snow Doll
35 Miner Mole
Slowpoke Snail
- Battle Tortoise
36 Mud Monster
- Skeletal Archer
Fearsome Skeletal Archer
37 Stinging Beak
- Crazy Sheep
Snowy Tortoise
38 Ninja Mole
Fearsome Tortoise
- Polar Bear
Ferocious Scorpion
39 Thickskin Lizard
- Snowy Tusk Boar
40 Rock Golem
Jack - Black Sail Skeletal Warrior
41 Wolf
Jack the Pirate's Fighter
- Cumbersome Snowman
42 Werewolf Warrior
Needle of Stramonium
- Werewolf Warrior
43 Tribal Villager - Snowman
44 - - Steel-shell Snail
Cumbersome Yeti LV44
45 Jack the Pirate's Militia - Cumbersome Yeti LV45
Undead Archer
46 Elite Tribal Warrior
Pumpkin Knight
47 Sand Crab Infant Icy Dragon
Elite Skeletal Archer
48 Treant
49 Dark Mud Monster
Great Polar Bear
- Water Fairy
Great Polar Bear
50 Horrific Snowman
- Werewolf Archer
Horrific Snowman
51 Sturdy Rock Golem
Frenzied Wolf
Horrific Yeti
- Horrific Yeti
52 Sakura Pirate Fighter
Sakura Pirate Militia
Undead Warrior
- Elite Skeletal Warrior
53 Iron Mummy
Elite Werewolf Warrior
54 Steel Mummy
Huge Spiky Stramonium
55 Guardian Angel
Tribal Shaman
58 Deadly Skeletal Archer