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On the southwest of Magical Ocean lies a large continent covered by sand and desert. A highly developed manufacturing city has being built up in the center of the desert, the residents of which worship their ancient goddess Cara.

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The Continent[]

Magical Ocean harbors the following cities and havens:

  • 1) Shaitan City (916,3573)
  • 2) Old Shaitan City (no haven)
  • 3) Oasis Haven (789,3120)
  • 4) Babul Haven (1212,3200)
  • 5) Barren Cavern
  • Isle of Chill (2372,737)
  • Lahu Haven (3499, 925)
  • Aerase Haven (2043, 637)
  • Norite Harbor (464, 472)
  • Hubble Haven (135, 3435)

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The Monster Locations[]

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