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Welcome to Tales Of Pirates Wiki, a wiki guide for [1]'s MMORPG Tales Of Pirates 2 (Formerly known as Tales of Pirates).

Guilds, classes, skills, attributes and gear

  • Classes – The different character classes.
  • Life Skills– The different life skills.
  • Armor – Armor types and sets in the game.
  • Weapons – Weapons and Shields.
  • Items – Miscellaneous Items that can be obtained.
  • Consumables – Consumables that will increase stats/HP/SP.
  • Guilds – How to create and maintain a Guild. Navy or Pirate... you decide.
    • Guild War – Details on Guild War Challenges

PvE – Player vs. Environment

PvP – Player vs. Player

  • Mazes – The place where players fight each other for the treasures.
Game basics
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Glossary – A reference for the lingo.
  • Storyline – The story of the game.
What's new?
  • Game updates – All the game patches, with commentary.
  • [news] – News from the official TOP site.

Recent... edited articles, created articles, uploaded images

Tales of Pirates 2 Cinematic Trailer

Tales of Pirates 2 Cinematic Trailer


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