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How to get started[]

When you have at least 1 Life Skill Point, you can learn Mining. The Life skill book Mining can be bought from the Grocer. The required Pickaxe can be bought from the Blacksmith.

To mine you have to locate the ore, which is displayed as an orange dot on the mini-map.
Mining areas are listed below.
When the Pickaxe is equiped, you can click the ore to start mining.
From time to time the ore will drop which you can collect.


Iron Ore[]

There are 2 kinds of Iron Ore.
Iron ore2.jpg This type drops Iron Ore and Coal Ore. Iron Ore1.jpg This type drops Crude Iron Ore

Crystal Ore[]

Crystalore.jpgMining Crystal this will drop Crystal Ore and Crystal Eolith, depending on what lvl ore it is.

Unfortunately, there is no way of teling what lvl ore it is, so you just should try to mine the ore and see what it drops. Crystal mine 1 has lower lvl ores (drop Crystal Ore) and higher lvl ores (drops Crystal Eolith).

Bronze Ore[]

BronzeOre.jpg Mining Bronze ore will drop Pure Iron Ore and Copper Ore Eolith.


The meteorite can only by mined with the Alloy Pickaxe.

What to do with the ores[]

The Ore Processing Merchant can be found in Shaitan City (Magical Ocean) at (906,3523). Here you can exchange (redeem) harvested ores for other items.

Mining Areas[]


  • Silver Mine 1872,2624 (Crystal ore)
  • around 1804,2757 (Crystal Ore)

Deep Blue[]

  • around 883,745 (near Fallen Naiads) (Crude Iron Ore)
  • around 1174,337 (north west of Icicle City)(Iron Ore and Coal) the Iron moves constantly it´s not always in this coordinates
  • Around 2792,708 (east of Icespire) (Bronze ore)
  • around 399, 1164|||399, 1174|||377, 1140|||386, 1176|||312, 1164|||362, 1227 (Iron Ore)

For all location of all mines, please check : http://piratia.arbah.ru/en/ore (databse)