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Ore Processing Merchant
Ore Processing Merchant



Ore Processing Merchant is a NPC in Shaitan City



  • 906,3523


At the ore processing merchant you can exchange (redeem) harvested ores for other items.

Item to Exchange ---> Item to Retreive Profit
Iron Ore Fragment x99 Iron Rod x20
Copper Ore Eolith x99 Copper Plate x20
Crystal Eolith x99 Transparent Crystal x20 50
Silver Ore Eolith x99 Silver Bar x20
Gold Ore Eolith x99 Gold Bar x20
Strange Metal Ore x99 Strange Metal x20
Fallacy Gem Eolith x99 Fallacy Jewel x20
Diamond Eolith x99 Glittering Brick x20
Booming Magical Ore x99 Booming Magical Staff x20
Oceania Meteorite x99 Heavenly Brick x20
Coal Ore x99 Burning Coal x20 25
Pure Iron Ore x99 Steel x20 25
Crude Iron Ore x99 Diamond x20 25
Emerald Fragment x99 Flaw Emerald x20
Shimmering Rock Fragment x99 Perfect Ruby x20
Sapphire Fragment x99 Perfect Sapphire x20 21,931
Terra Gold Ore x99 Compelling Crystal x20
Chilling Ice Crystal x99 Ice Crystal x20
Strange Metal Ore x99 Devil Gem x20
Black Crystal x99 Chilling Frost Crystal x20