There are different types of quests: normal quests, class quests, Daily Quests, Story Quests and Commerce Quests.

Story Quests

Story Quests are quests that reward you with life skill experience which will ultimately will lead to Life skill points. Life skill points are needed to learn Life Skills.

For more information concerning the Story Quests, please click here.

Class Quests

Class Quests are class specific and will reward you with Weapons, Armor or Class Medals when you complete the quest cycle. They can also be a quest that advances you to your next class.
They are given by your specific class trainer.

Commerce Quests

Commerce Quests are quests that will reward you with commerce statues, needed in some Blueprints. For more information concerning the Commerce Quests, please click here.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests are quests that can only be done once a day. For more information concerning the Daily Quests, please click here.

Normal Quests


Special Quests

Special Quests are Quests, which are not comparable with others.

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