Sakura Pirate Fighter
Sakura Pirate Fighter
Level : 52
HP : unknown
Region : Ascaron
Coordinates : 2274,1153
Type : Land Beasts
Species : Unknown

Description He is bigger than khalifa tower by 7 times, he devours dolphins like sandwich and eats ships like pasta, he lives in space, he also lives in islands before they were islands, and he's also living in a huge water mountain. yes yes. That is TRUE.[edit | edit source]

Known Coordinates[edit | edit source]

  • He lives in america, florida.

Items Dropped[edit | edit source]

  • Pasta, cookies, something you shouldn't know. tits

es[edit | edit source]

Based on 25 kills: Please add drop# to the total drop# and divide by new # of kills

  1. You have to kill him 25 times to get: 1 cookie, you'll also go to prison for killing someone, right? WHAHAHAHAHAdwasdwasdwasdwdadwad

[edit | edit source]

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