Description[edit | edit source]

Use to summon high HP monsters with high experience. Produce by manufacturing.
There are 5 levels of sandbags. If you double-click it you will summon HIGH HP monster.
Level 1 spawns lvl 15 Meaty Penguin (HP 27k , EXP 25,5k)
Level 2 spawns lvl 40 Abberance Lizard (HP 113k, EXP 190k)
Level 3 spawns lvl 60 Terra Miner (HP 525k, EXP 428k)
Level 4 spawns lvl 75 Sealed Warden (HP 840k, EXP 1,2M)
Level 5 spawns lvl 85 Hell Emissary (HP 1,5M, EXP 5M)

Trade value[edit | edit source]

  • Sell:
  • Seen on market for:
    • LV1 : 25k 30k(x4) 35k(x2) 40k(x3) 45k 50k(x2) 55k 60k 65k 67k 69k 70k(x3) 80k(x3) 85k(x2) 100k(x3)
    • LV2 : 200k, 250k
    • LV3 : 210k (TOP2, FrostHarbor) 555K (PKO) 700k 850k 900k 1M(x2)
    • LV4 : 220k(x2), 300k, 350k, 400k
    • LV5 : 400kk, 450k, 500k, 650k, 900k (TOP2, HeavenIsle)

Notes[edit | edit source]

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