Sand Bandit Leader Garet
Sand Bandit Leader Garet
Level : 28
HP : unknown
Region : Magical Ocean
Coordinates : 1178, 3007
Type : Land Beasts
Species : Humanoids

Description[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

Known Coordinates[edit | edit source]

  • 1178,3007

Items Dropped[edit | edit source]

Drop Rates[edit | edit source]

Based on 5 kills: Please add drop# to the total drop# and divide by new # of kills

Notes[edit | edit source]

Easy way to take him out with a low-leveled ranged-attacker:

Above the horizontal placed tent with the blue moon on it, is a big barrel. Make sure you are on the west(left) side and he is on the east(right) side of this barrel, than start shooting arrows, spiritual bolts etc. at him, he will barely reach you and if he does just run to the other spot, go stand between the two little barrels on the south of the same tent and shoot at him, you can also just wait until he goes back to the first good spot, good luck!

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