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Seal Master & Character Specific Weapons & Shields[]

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Weapons drops[]

Weapons that are dropped by monster have better stats most of the time than the same armor that is store-bought. Not only the 'normal' weapons has better stats, monsters sometimes also drop armor with "precise", " colossus", "mammoth", "tempest" and "sage" which has better stats as well. The "Silver Dragon" stat drops very rarely.
So, what monster drops which weapon?

  • LV 40:
  • LV 45:
  • LV 50:
  • LV 55:
  • LV 60:
  • LV 65:

Table overview[]

Class Level Name Stats Character Sort
Beastly Wand.jpg 40 Beastly Wand 153/189, SpiB+4 Ami, Phy Wands
Beastly Wand.jpg 40 Sage Beastly Wand 159/196, SpiB+5 Ami, Phy Wands
Feral Wand.jpg 40 Feral Wand 153/189, MaxSPB+7% Ami, Phy Wands
Wand of Vigor.jpg 40 Wand of Vigor 153/189, MaxHPB+48 Ami, Phy Wands
Battle Stave.jpg 45 Battle Stave 169/207, SpiB+4 Ami, Phy Staves
Battle Stave.jpg 45 Mammoth Battle Stave 169/207 - 172/210, StrB+1, SpiB+4 Ami, Phy Staves
Restraining Staff.jpg 45 Restraining Staff 169/207, MaxSPB+7% Ami, Phy Staves
Staff of Endeavor.jpg 45 Staff of Endeavor 169/207, MaxHPB+56 Ami, Phy Staves
.. 45 Staff of Abraxas 187/229, MaxSPB+6%, SPrecovB+12%, AccB+3, ConB+4, SpiB+10, HitrateB+12 Ami, Phy Staves
Thundorian Staff.jpg 50 Thundorian Staff 184/226, SpiB+5 Ami, Phy Staves
Staff of Thunderbolt.jpg 50 Staff of Thunderbolt 184/226, MaxSPB+7% Ami, Phy Staves
Protector Staff.jpg 50 Protector Staff 184/226, MaxHPB+65 Ami, Phy Staves
Protector Staff.jpg 50 Mammoth Protector Staff 202/248, StrB+7,MaxHPB+65 Ami, Phy Staves
Lotus Staff.jpg 55 Lotus Staff 199/245, SpiB+5 Ami, Phy Staves
Lotus Staff.jpg 55 Sage Lotus Staff 199/245, SpiB+11 Ami, Phy Staves
Fury Staff.jpg 55 Fury Staff 199/245, MaxSPB+7% Ami, Phy Staves
Staff of Flame.jpg 55 Staff of Flame 199/245, MaxHPB+74 Ami, Phy Staves
.. 60 Sage Staff of Amercement 216/265, SpiB+12 Ami, Phy Staves