Sharpshooter & Character Specific Weapons & Shields[edit | edit source]

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Weapons drops[edit | edit source]

Weapons that are dropped by monster have better stats most of the time than the same armor that is store-bought. Not only the 'normal' weapons has better stats, monsters sometimes also drop armor with "precise", " colossus", "mammoth", "tempest" and "sage" which has better stats as well.
So, what monster drops which weapon?

Table overview[edit | edit source]

Class Level Name Stats Character Sort
Pocket Pistol.jpg 40 Pocket Pistol 130/206,HitrateB-8 Lan, Phy Guns
Exquisite Pistol.jpg 40 Exquisite Pistol 152/228,AttRateB-14%,HitrateB-8 Lan, Phy Guns
Steel Pistol.jpg 45 Steel Pistol 142/226,HitrateB-9 Lan, Phy Guns
Token Pistol.jpg 45 Token Pistol 167/251,AttRateB-14%,HitrateB-9 Lan, Phy Guns
Battle Rifle.jpg 50 Battle Rifle 154/246,HitrateB-10 Lan, Phy Guns
Exquisite Rifle.jpg 50 Exquisite Rifle 182/274,AttRateB-15%,HitrateB-10 Lan, Phy Guns
Spectar Firegun.jpg 55 Spectar Firegun 166/266,HitrateB-11 Lan, Phy Guns
Gattling Firegun.jpg 55 Gattling Firegun 197/297,AttRateB-15%,HitrateB-11 Lan, Phy Guns
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