News - Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Drawing Contest second group of winners

Till today, the Forum Drawing Contest Activity has been held for over two weeks already, and lots of great art works are just keep coming ^^

Now we’re glad to announce the following works as the second group (from May 21st till May 28th) of winners:

1st Place Winner:
TOP Drawing Contest: Heroes and Goddess !!! by erwinbantilan

2nd Place Winners:
TOP Drawing Contest: Voyager with Axe by erwinbantilan
Finished! Internet (Explorer): A ToP Forum Drawing Contest Submission by Bvlgratti Iyoki and Bebe 2 (cg) by chichiwawa

3rd Place Winners:
My Sharpshooter of Twopiece by ravena0123
TOP Contest 2nd post by frozinfire
To Contest³ ( Swordwoman ) by FrozenAngel

4th Place Winners:
TOP Drawing Contest - N3k0x =3 by N3k0x
TOP Drawing Contest Entry by PunkyDuchess
cute and sexy ami !!!! by mimoon
Second Week! And Im back with VENGEANCE! hand sketched... by MakoXIII

Congratulations to the artists above! We’ll have your award points topped up into your account very soon!

And guys, as you may have noticed already, we’ve had a new section set up on the website—the Drawing Contest Excellent Works! Yes, we’ll have all the great works shown on the website, so please enjoy ^^

Thanks again for your support to the event!

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