Description[edit | edit source]

This wiki uses several templates.

They are currently templates for:

Technically all characters (Player or NPCs) are part of the beastiary index but we do require additional class information for NPCs and player classes, which the standard beast doesn't have, thus we have seperate templates.

Example[edit | edit source]

In this example we are adding the mini bee. As the mini bee is a beast we would use the beast info template.

At the top of your article you would enter the following:

 | name = Mini Bee
 | image=[[Image: Mini_Bee.jpg|128px]]
 | species = [[Bee (Species)|Bee]]
 | level = 5

This results in the following:

Mini Bee Sample.jpg

Then continue with the rest of your article.

To see the what it looks like on the actual article, go here: Mini Bee.

Click "Edit" on the mini bee article to see the code explained above.

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