The Wood Processing Merchant can redeem items you acquired with Woodcutting.
He is located in Ascaron, Argent City at (2260,2717).

A list of redeeming items and the retreived items can be found below.

Item to Exchange ---> Item to Retreive Profit
Ash Wood Log x99 Ash Wood Strip x20 50
Birch Wood Log x99 Birch Wood Strip x20
Teak Wood Log x99 Teak Wood Strip x20
Cedar Wood Log x99 Cedar Wood Strip x20
Rue Wood Log x99 Rue Wood Strip x20
Red Oak Wood Log x99 Red Oak Wood Strip x20
Fir Wood Log x99 Fir Wood Strip x20
Maple Wood Log x99 Maple Wood Block x20
Cherry Wood Log x99 Cherry Wood Block x20
Walnut Wood Log x99 Walnut Wood Block x20
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